About Me

Hello my name is Melanie Granger and I’d like to welcome you to my affiliate marketing website. I currently live in Maryland and when I’m not working on growing my business I enjoy traveling, spending quality time with my family and friends, I have about 6 years of internet marketing and affiliate marketing experience. Over the past few years, I’ve tried various business models including eCommerce and drop shipping, MLM Marketing and even Freelance opportunities, but I’ve found that affiliate marketing is a business model that I actually enjoy pursuing and it’s the easiest way to get started without having to spend a lot of money or own your own product or website. My goal is to build a successful affiliate marketing business and help others along the way. This website is going to give you a lot of insightful information, tips and advice on how to build your own affiliate marketing business and why affiliate marketing is the best type of business to start if you’re new. One of the key elements to actually seeing the results that you want in your business is to not only read the information on this website, but to take massive action on it. The information on this website can help you no matter if you’re an affiliate marketing pro or you’re just getting your feet wet. My mission is to help as many people as I can improve their financial situation by having their own legitimate business that makes money for them on autopilot without having to be tied down to their business. It is possible to have a thriving business and still travel, spend time with friends and family and do other things you love. If you have any questions about affiliate marketing or how to get started, please leave a comment, I respond to all comments quickly. You can also click here for my contact information. I truly hope you gain immense value and insight from reading my posts and articles!